FAQ for Artists

Q. What is your exhibit space like?

A. We have gallery space with track lighting and a hanging system in our lower level gallery. We also have some limited exhibit space on our second floor, as well as lawn that may be used for outdoor sculpture installations.

Q. Are there any restrictions on who can exhibit or what types of artwork can be shown?

A. In general, the artists who exhibit at Wood have a connection to New England. We are happy to exhibit a wide variety of media. However, our ability to host large, 3-dimensional installations is limited by our gallery space.

Q. Whom should I contact about exhibiting at the Wood?

A. Artists interested in showing at Wood are welcome to contact the museum by phone at 860-289-1783 or by emailing director@woodmemoriallibrary.org.

Q. Can I sell my artwork at the Wood?

A. You are welcome to provide a price list along with your exhibit. However, we ask that all artwork remains on display for the duration of the exhibit. Artists are responsible for negotiating and transacting their own sales.

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