Harvest Moon Dinner

Thank You to Everyone who attended the 2016 Harvest Moon Dinner!

It was a sold out success!

Dinner guests will be able to take a docent led tour of the historical house build in 1786 by Noadiah Bissell.

Pricing is $125 per person (cocktails & wine included)

The menu is posted below.


The Native American Three Sisters Tradition of Agriculture

Maize (corn), beans, and squash of myriad varieties are plants indigenous to the Americas and were staple crops in most Native American cuisine. The Haudenosaunee, known as Iroquois by Europeans, called these three foods the “Three Sisters” and grew the three together in mounds. The foods were considered a gift from the gods, and their planting and harvesting were celebrated as such. Haudenosaunee and other tribes knew that corn, bean, and squash plants grew better together than they did separately. Bean plants fixed nitrogen in the soil, providing an essential nutrient to the other two plants, while corn stalks provided a support for the beans to climb, and squash, with their spreading leaves and vines, impeded weed growth and helped the soil retain moisture. The three foods complemented each other nutritionally as well, providing essentially protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins, and were often cooked together in succotash and other dishes.

HM Menu final


This year’s Harvest Moon Dinner will be held outside on the site of the historic Town Farm located just off old Main Street. Set on the banks of the Connecticut River, it is also know as the “Ferry Farm” as it was the point of crossing for the Bissell Ferry.  The magnificent house was once a tavern and was built in 1786. bissell 1


Thank You to the following 2016 sponsors for their support of the Harvest Moon Dinner Event.


Silent Auction Donors

Alexia’s Pizza                                   Manchester Family Dental                     Roberto’s

Battiston’s                                        Mather Countertops                                Sakura Garden

Bonefish  Grill                                  Mexicali                                                     Steven Hintz, CPA

Broad Brook Florist                        Millwrights Tavern                                   Stop & Shop

Burton’s                                            Nowalk Family Chiropractic                   Sweet Pea

Charles Schwab                             Nutmeg Restaurant                                 The Bike Shop

Geissler’s                                         Post Road Stages                                    The Mary Ann School of Dance

Hong Kong Restaurant                 Rasham                                                     Topstone Golf Course

Kim’s Nail’s                                      Red Onion

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